CV19 Notice

Sourcing PE during the coronavirus pandemic

These are exceptional times, and coronavirus is changing how everyone lives and works. Here at Electron Publishing we are working hard to ensure there is as little disruption as possible to the production and distribution of Practical Electronics.

Unfortunately, however, some delays in delivering your magazine are inevitable – here is a rough guide to the situation in late March.

UK readers

If you subscribe to the print copy of PE in the UK then we currently expect little delay or interruption to the delivery of your magazine.

For non-subscription readers in the UK, we sell most of our copies through WHSmith and a few other outlets such as supermarkets and independent newsagents. At present, roughly 60% of the WHSmiths outlets are open, but we do not control this and hence cannot offer the same reassurance of availability that subscribers enjoy. However, you can now buy the latest issue through our shop for exactly the same price, p&p included (UK only). Just click here.

If you would like to save money – over a pound per issue – avoid the disappointment of an issue selling out, and more importantly, avoid the risks of leaving your home for physical shopping then perhaps consider subscribing – just visit here.

European readers

If you subscribe to PE in Europe outside the UK, then we expect services to be a little slower, but the delivery route is relatively short and robust, so I hope you will be patient if there are some minor delays. Please do get in touch via email if your copy does not arrive:

International readers outside Europe

Life is getting pretty complicated for the underappreciated companies that underpin global supply chains – especially in delivery, freight and post.

For subscribers outside Europe, your copies are still being printed, wrapped and posted. While some of them will arrive in reasonable time, some may not. Copies go to North America, Australasia, India, China and many other locations. Some of you may have to wait several extra weeks for delivery.

We know you pay a hefty premium for international delivery, so for the duration of the current disruption, if you send us your email address, along with your subscription name and address, then we will enrol you in the PDF download system without charge. Your print copy will still arrive, but you won’t have an extended wait for the next instalment of a construction project or favourite column.

Digital subscribers

Nothing changes.

Actually, that’s not quite true. We will soon be launching a new digital subscriber system for PDF downloads, but this is nothing to do with the current health emergency, and is part of the overall rebuilding of PE’s online presence.

Matt Pulzer

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