November 2010

This month’s highlights

Introducing Teach-In 2011

We’re famous for our educational electronic series and our brand Teach-In tutorial series has hit the streets! Teach-In 2011 – A broad-based introduction to electronics – by EPE Teach-In tutors Mike and Richard Tooley is designed to offer a well-rounded introduction to electronic circuits and systems. Starting with the basics, the series also supports several formal electronics syllabi (Edexcel BTEC Level 2 and the new Diploma in Engineering Level 2).

Teach-In 2011 will show you essential theory step by step, help you to check your knowledge with some fun tests and then provide an opportunity to build simple and often amazing circuits! In Part 1 we introduce digital and analogue signals, waveforms and basic terminology. We’ll suggest a modern teaching computer package – Circuit Wizard which will help you to simulate and measure simple or more complex circuitry. Teach-In 2011 is a unique electronics series offering hobbyists and students a superb, world-class opportunity to climb on board and enjoy the exciting and fast-paced world of electronics. Don’t miss this unique educational series – subscribe to EPE Magazine now!

USB Clock with LCD Readout (Part 1)

This LCD clock will act as a stand-alone timekeeper using its internal battery backup, and will synchronise from your PC’s local time using an internet timeserver for accuracy. Displays 12 or 24 hour modes, time and date, and rechargeable battery condition indicator.

Includes optional scroll modes and an optional dimming LED backlight.  PIC 18F4550-based, source code available from our Library.  This project requires a high degree of soldering expertise due to the use of several surface mounted devices. In Part 2 next month the PC driver installation and setting up procedures will be described.

LED Strobe and Tachometer (Part 2)

This versatile piece of equipment lets you observe and measure the RPM of rotating machinery using a stroboscopic effect. It provides three different measurement methods on its 2-line 16 character LCD which indicates RPM and frequency. It caters for generated or triggered strobe, slotted or reflective triggering, and has an adjustable flash period and more. Includes a 1W Luxeon-type white LED. PIC 16F88 based, hex code available from our Library. In Part 2 this month we show you how to build the IR reflector amplifier and photo-interrupter boards, and operating instructions are also given.

Railpower IV (Part 2)

Our best ever model train controller! This ultra high performance unit features an infra red control and we believe it’s the finest train controller project that’s ever been published!

In Part 2 this month full constructional and setting-up details are provided, along with all necessary colour diagrams and photographs to enable you to build this exciting project with confidence.

Microphone PreAmp for PCs and MP3 Players

Enjoy  all about the high quality audio benefits offered by professional balanced microphones over simple electret types by building this project. Now you can connect a professional microphone having balanced outputs to the Line Input of your PC soundcard or for example to MP3 players or minidisk recorders that have a Line In port. You can then enjoy the benefits of much improved sound recordings using a professional mic.  including lower noise, better response and greater cable lengths.

Our quality project features balanced input, stereo output, USB or plugpack powered, and peak indicator. Straightforward to build, all constructional details are provided along with full colour photography so you can build this project with confidence.

Regular features include:

  • Circuit Surgery – our highly acclaimed and popular column answering readers’ electronics-related questions, this month explaining Fast Fourier transform and LTSpice.
  • Recycle-It publishes a Top Ten List of desirable parts worth salvaging from any electronic equipment.
  • Practically Speaking is our workshop feature which this month offers sage advice about essential electronic handtools.
  • Net Work – our popular Internet column – offers more advice on better networking for job-seekers and ways to save money using Internet-related services.

November 2010 files for download -

  • LED Strobe software
  • Railpower
  • USB Clock

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