July 2017

This month’s highlights

Micromite-based Super Clock

This highly versatile menu-driven electronic clock can display the time three ways – a traditional analogue clock with seconds hand, a 12 hour digital clock or a 24 hour digital clock. The Micromite-powered timepiece has no moving parts and uses a colour touch-screen LCD display.  Also it can be set according to one of 20 time zones, having an optional GPS  module for better accuracy.

You can choose a number of different time zones to keep track of the time overseas, scrolling to them via the touchscreen. Mains powered from a USB-type power pack. If you’re looking for a compact and stylish digital clock that’s a little different, this is the one!

Brownout Protection for Induction Motors

This low-cost design protects domestic induction motors against brownouts – when the electricity supply dips and the motor cannot start or run properly, risking burning out the windings.

Induction motors are commonly found around the home in fridges, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, pool pumps – the list goes on. Our protection unit cuts out the mains voltage supply if it dips below a certain level, and only reconnects it again once it rises back to normal operating voltages. Anti-nuisance tripping is incorporated. Output relay rated for 2,300 watts.

Mains voltage design suitable for experienced constructors

100dB Stereo LED Audio Level/ VU Meter
(Part 2)

This spectacular Stereo VU Meter will give your stereo system some LED bling! It uses 80 high-brightness SMD LEDs to produce a highly colourful dual bargraph display that simultaneously shows the average audio signal level plus peak level. And it can display ranges up to 100dB. Assembly and setting up details are provided in this month’s issue.

Surface mount components are used throughout. Good soldering skills are needed to complete this project successfully.

Teach-In 2017 Introducing the BBC micro:bit (Part 2: Mu editor)

The next part of our unique series dedicated to the BBC micro:bit introduces the Mu editor, explores MicroPython language and takes a detailed look at the micro:bit’s I/O capability. If you’re keen to get to grips with the BBC micro:bit, our tutorial series written for beginners is an ideal place to start, so check out Teach-In 2017 now!

Also in this issue

  • TechnoTalk: security risks created by Internet of Things home gadgetry
  • Net Work – Kaspersky cures the writer’s LAN problems; new Amazon smart speakers
  • Interface – SPI and I2C in the Raspberry Pi
  • Circuit Surgery – a primer in transmission lines
  • PIC n’ Mix- PICs and the PICkit 3 – a beginner’s guide (part 12)
  • Audio Out: ICstripboard review of SMD adaptor boards
  • Max’s Cool Beans – which VR system is right for you?

Next month

Touch-screen Boat Computer with GPS; Low-cost Attenuator;  Micromite Plus & the Explore 64; Teach-In 2017 (Part 3) – the BBC micro:bit’s I/O capabilities explored.

July 2017 files for download - 0717.zip

  • Micromite files
  • Brownout Protection panel artwork

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