June 2011

This month’s highlights

High performance 230V 10A Motor Controller

Mains motor control is one of the most popular applications requested by EPE readers and this very sophisticated full wave controller will suit many applications perfectly.

It’s designed for universal (brush-type) mains-voltage motors up to 2.3kW rating and offers full-wave speed control from near zero to maximum revs. It provides smooth low-speed operation with speed regulation under load at the touch of a knob.Over-current protection and limiting included. Solid state (50A) IGBT output and RF suppression.

Mains voltage is present throughout – this project is intended for skilled and experienced constructors only.

Not intended for synchronous or shaded-pole motors etc. which are frequency-dependent.

Precision 10V DC Reference for checking DMMs

Have you ever checked the calibration of your digital multimeter? This precision device utilises a precision voltage reference i.c. to offer you a 10.000V d.c. reference to enable you to check your voltmeter’s readings to within 3mV accuracy. Also essential if you’ve dropped or damaged your DMM as its trimmers’ settings may have ‘drifted’. 12V a.c. powered.

GPS Driver for 6 Digit GPS Clock (Part 2)

Based on the GlobalSat EM-408 GPS Module, this compact GPS receiver/ driver module is perfect for the 6-digit LED display described last month to form a self-contained highly accurate GPS clock. Can also be interfaced to a PC. Final setting up procedures are also described.

Musicolour IRDA Accessory

This infra-red interface is suitable for our sophisticated DSP Musicolour light show project (EPE May – August 2010). The IrDA interface enables communications with the Musicolour project and  instructions are included to adapt it to offer an IrDA-compatible serial port on virtually any microcontroller project.

Teach-In 2011 (Part 8)

Our educational series for students and beginners continues its exploration of electronics fundamentals with analogue circuit applications typically found in active and passive filters, tone controls and more besides. Decibels, band-pass filters and other basic configurations are described.

Also in this month’s edition of EPE:

  • Techno Talk ponders the progression from printed electronics catalogues towards online-only publishing;
  • Circuit Surgery offers a detailed insight into aliasing and anti-aliasing;
  • PIC ‘n MIX – Part 6 of our PIC Internet Computer for PICmicro enthusiasts.
  • Interface, our occasional column for PC enthusiasts goes ‘Back to BASICs’
  • Net Work – the Internet column – describes Homeplug and Homegrid power line data transmissions.

June 2011 files for download - 0611.zip

  • PIC n' MIX

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