May 2010

This month’s highlights

Low Cost Programmer for dsPICs and PICs

You can program all Microchip dsPIC30F enhanced instruction set microcontrollers in the dual-in-line (DIP) package, along with most microcontrollers with our low-cost programmer. It’s easy to build and uses standard parts. Some devices need an external adaptor board, also described and a helpful table shows settings needed for a wide variety of PICmicro devices. Bumper 10-page article.

DSP Musicolour Light Show (Part 1)

This fantastic advanced dsPICmicro-based light show is a full digital design offering a four-channel opto-isolated zero-crossing mains display.  It has direct stereo and microphone inputs for modulation of lights sequences, chaser modes, a 7×15 dot LED display and many more advanced technical features.

Full constructional details and circuit diagrams are available including a free download of the hex code from our Library.

For advanced competent electronics constructors only.

PIC-based Water Tank Level Meter (Part 2)

Last month we published the circuit of the Water Tank Level Meter and described how it works. This month, the assembly of the basic and telemetry versions are described, along with installation instructions.


Did you know that a vast range of useful bits and pieces is available within a scrapped washing machine?  Anything from nuts, bolts, springs and hosing to solenoid valves and motors are there for the plundering. Our monthly feature dedicated to stripping down surplus stuff points the way towards Salvage Heaven.

Matrix Multimedia MIAC Review

Our expert lifts the lid on the Matrix Industrial Automotive Controller,  a robust controller based on an 18-series PICmicrocontroller. It can be programmed using assembler language, C or Flowcode.

Also in the May 2010 issue:

  • Circuit Surgery – our in-house expert this month details the why’s and wherefore’s of Decibels, telling you everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner.
  • Practically Speaking is our column aimed at constructors, offering practical advice in the workshop. This month the resistor colour code and capacitor identification are described.
  • PIC n MIX – a review of the Chameleon PIC 16-bit development kit, which is a low cost general purpose kit with comprehensive I/O and full video output capabilities.
  • Net Work – the Internet column – highlights the quiet rollout of Google Street View, displaying a detailed view of Britain’s streets and country lanes.

May 2010 files for download -

  • DSP Musicolour hex file

Printed Circuit Boards

We supply PCBs for all our projects going back to 2013.

New PE service – Programmed PICs

Buy programmed PICs for most of our projects.

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