April 2011

This month’s highlights

45 Second Voice Recorder Module

Based on a solid-state recorder chip, this design can record two, four or eight different messages, or a single message for ‘tape mode’ playback.  The design provides clean and glitch-free line-level audio output suitable for feeding into an amplifier or PA system.  Electret mic input on-board. Kit of parts also available from Jaycar Electronics.

Multi-Function Intelligent Remote-Controlled Dimmer

You can use almost any RC5– protocol remote control with our advanced design to create a superb multi function intelligent dimmer with comprehensive features that you won’t  find anywhere else. It has five operation modes, starting with simple on/off, dimmer with timeout, sleep mode, Flash ‘strobe’ and random on-off security feature.  The project ‘learns’ the codes from your remote.

Triac output, 500 Watts incandescent maximum (dimmable), also works with 12V halogens (firmware modifications needed, described)  and it provides on-off for CFLs. Control up to nine dimmers independently.  Based around a PIC 18F1320, with free source code available from our Library.

Mains design for advanced constructors only.

PIR Triggered Mains Switch

Switch almost any plug-in mains-powered device using a PIR in conjunction with this controller. Now you can utilise cheap Passive Infra-Red  (PIR) sensors to trigger any mains device, such as a fountain pump,  lighting,  or maybe A/V recording equipment or anything else that can be plugged into the mains.

Switchable time delay. Straightforward design, CMOS 4000 logic based.  Mains design not suitable for beginners.

Digital Slide Scanner

How to utilise your digital camera as a simple slide scanner! Reasonable results are assured with this simple suggestion, to help you digitize your 35mm slides.

Teach-In 2011 (Part 6)

Our unique electronics educational series continues with the basics of logic circuits, with digital gate fundamentals and more Circuit Wizard simulations for you to try.

Also this month in EPE Magazine:

  • Techno Talk – did you check our Planet Jupiter Radio Receiver project (September 2010) ? This month’s Techno Talk revisits the world of radio astronomy, ‘unearthing’ more surprises that are present in the magnetosphere. Check the list of websites in this month’s article, too.
  • Max’s Cool Beans   rediscovers ‘elements’ of the Periodic Table
  • Circuit Surgery – our ever-popular  insightful series explains everything you need to know about feedback networks.
  • PIC n MIX –  Part 5 of our PIC Internet-enabled computer project continues with the necessary software installation and configuration.
  • Interface – for PC Interfacing enthusiasts, we offer a simple analogue optical interface, with Visual Basic listing.
  •  our Internet column suggests a wireless router better suited to always-on use.

April 2011 files for download - 0411.zip

  • R/C Dimmer

Printed Circuit Boards

We supply PCBs for all our projects going back to 2013.

New PE service – Programmed PICs

Buy programmed PICs for most of our projects.

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