Wireless for the Warrior



The Wireless for the Warrior books are a source of reference for the history and development of radio communication equipment used by the British Army from the very early days of wireless up to the 1960s.

The books are very detailed and include circuit diagrams, technical specifications and alignment data, technical development history, complete station lists and vehicle fitting instructions.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 cover transmitters and transceivers used between 1932-1948. An era that starts with positive steps taken to formulate and develop a new series of wireless sets that offered great improvements over obsolete World War I pattern equipment. The other end of this timeframe saw the introduction of VHF FM and hermetically sealed equipment.

Volume 3 covers army receivers from 1932 to the late 1960s. The book not only describes receivers specifically designed for the British Army, but also the Royal Navy and RAF. Also covered: special receivers, direction finding receivers, Canadian and Australian Army receivers, commercial receivers adopted by the Army, and Army Welfare broadcast receivers. 

Volume 4 covers clandestine, agent or ‘spy’ radio equipment, sets which were used by special forces, partisans, resistance, ‘stay behind’ organisations, Australian Coast Watchers and the diplomatic service. Plus, selected associated power sources, RDF and intercept receivers, bugs and radar beacons.

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