A summary of this month’s contents.

Programmable GPS-synced Frequency Reference (Part 1)

1019-gps-fre-refThis advanced lab-standard frequency reference is an ideal companion for frequency counters, oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers in the test lab. It is synchronised to the 1pps signal derived from a GPS module and has three BNC outputs with programmable frequencies from 1Hz – to 100MHz.

The main oscillator is housed in a high stability temperature-controlled oven and its accuracy is around ±100ppb after 30 minutes. The design is based on a Micromite BackPack and has a colour touchscreen. In Part 1 this month, principles of operation are described.

 Surface mount design needs good soldering skills

Digital Command Control programmer for Decoders

1019-dcc-train-programmeDigital Command Control (DCC)  is a widely-used method for controlling model railways, especially when operating several locomotives on the same track.

1019-dcc-train-programmer-pcbThis DCC programmer is simple, cheap and easy to build using a handful of discrete components. It is based on an Arduino MCU with a custom shield, and operates from a computer USB port. The shield is compatible with open-source DCC++ Arduino software and it offers several more desirable options for programming features that will appeal to the model railway enthusiast. Our article also describes how DCC works.

Source code file (2.1MB)

[Micromite MKC Clock; Opto Isolator casework; KEF data sheets; DCC sketches; Circuit Surgery]

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