December 2016

This month’s highlights

Universal Loudspeaker Protector

An updated protection module for loudspeakers that protects against amplifier or speaker overload and possible electrical fires around the speaker cone. Also incorporates switch-on and switch-off anti-thump. Temperature monitoring with overheat indicator and speaker disconnection.

 Surface mount design needs good soldering skills

9-Channel Infrared Remote Control

Using a tiny prebuilt IR remote keypad, this receiver system is ideal for use with TVs, audio, model railroad layouts or robotics.  Not only that, but the one handheld remote can control up to three receivers, each with seven channels.

The project offers reed relay or open-collector outputs 24V 500mA. The article also describes the operation of Pulse Distance Protocol (PDP). PIC 16F88 powered.

Revised USB Charger Regulator with low-battery cut-out

An update of the design shown in EPE, July 2016 now has extra circuitry to prevent a USB device (eg a permanently connected dash-cam) from discharging the car battery below 12.15V. The output is boosted to 3A continuous.

 Surface mount design needs good soldering skills

Introducing the Arduino
Part 11: Global Positioning System

Our latest Teach-In series is designed for Arduino beginners and enthusiasts, and in this penultimate article our Teach-In tutors look at how the Global Positioning System (GPS) can be harnessed by Arduino applications. A typical GPS receiver module is examined, our coding section covers the ins and outs of TinyGPS library and then we build an Arduino Uno GPS location fixer with LCD, which could be adapted to create a proximity warning system or similar geo-based application.

Also in this issue

  • Techno Talk – trends in electronics-grade cleaning chemicals and solvents
  • Net Work – the Internet column – Amazon’s Echo hits our shores
  • Circuit Surgery – an in-depth primer on op.amp instability (Part 2)
  • PIC n MIX – beginner’s guide to the PICkit3 (Part 7)
  • Audio Out – techniques for powering audio amplifiers
  • Max’s Hot Beans – Max gets to grips with Google’s Daydream View VR headset
  • Electronic Building Blocks – a good quality 2.1 amp built from a cheap and cheerful module

In next month’s issue:

5-Element Yagi antenna for DAB radio; High-visibility 6-Digit LED GPS Clock (Part 1); High-performance stereo valve pre-amp (Prt 1); Teach-In 2016 (Part 12): Arduino wireless networking.

December 2016 files for download -

  • 9-Channel RC
  • Teach-In11

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