December 2012

This month’s highlights

Universal USB Data Logger (Part 1)

This PIC-based data logger can read from analogue and digital sources and features a built-in RTC and calendar, USB port and PC host program allowing you to configure the sensors, change settings and charge the battery.

It uses an MMC/ SD/ SDHC memory card (FAT file system) for up to 32GB  storage capacity. Six digital inputs with support for I2C and One Wire Dallas protocols and four analogue inputs (two shared).

Digital Lighting Controller (Part 3)

Our Digital Lighting Controller is capable of sequencing  up to 32 channels of incandescent lighting and will flash, dim lights up or down and sequence them automatically to a soundtrack stored on an SD or MMC card. In Part 3 this month, the use of the Windows-based sequencing program is described.

Hot-Wire Cutter

This controller is specially designed for shaping and cutting expanded polystyrene forms using a heated wire. Now you can cut clean and precise shapes with ease using this variable power control unit.

Details of using different heating wires are included so you can customise the design to your own requirements. Straightforward to construct, an ideal accessory for modellers, for making scenery, photo and promotional props, and lots more.

Hearing Loop Level Meter (Part 2)

Following the intense interest in our recent features on Hearing Aid Loop systems, this project offers an at-a-glance indication of field strength levels over a 27dB range, to help you set the correct signal level and minimise noise. Offering “A” weighting or Wide modes, it’s a compact battery-powered unit with LED bargraph output. In Part 2, the calibration coil and adjustment routines are described.

Jump Start

Our series intended for students and beginners in electronics this month offers a safe and simple lighting sequencer to produce a variety of seasonal light displays. Simulation with Circuit Wizard software. Just the thing to perk up the festivities!

Also this month:

  • Circuit Surgery – more from our in-house surgeon on the Early effect and Early Voltage
  • Techno Talk  on trends in technology
  • PIC N MIX – our occasional series of PIC enlightenment  dishes up a serving of relocatable assembly
  • Interface and a passive light change detector
  • Max’s Cool Beans Blog – Max makes a mosaic
  • Net Work – the Internet column – how to extend your wi-fi coverage around the home

December 2012 files for download -

  • USB Data Logger V9.92
  • IU Christmas LEDs
  • PIC n' MIX

Printed Circuit Boards

We supply PCBs for all our projects going back to 2013.

New PE service – Programmed PICs

Buy programmed PICs for most of our projects.

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