November 2023

This month’s highlights

LC Meter Mk3

This inductance-capacitance meter is a modern take of an old favourite, the Tektronix T130 from the 1950s. It measures a wide range of component values, from less than 1pF to more than 1.2nF and inductance from under 100nH to more than 2.5mH. It utilises an Arduino Nano and is fitted with an OLED colour display. A great addition to the electronic enthusiast’s test bench!

DC Supply Filter for vehicles


Many electronic products will run from a car’s 12V d.c. cigar lighter socket but there’s always the risk of voltage spikes and transients damaging them or noise interfering with performance. This passive transient filter project for vehicles solves both problems by reducing high frequency noise and absorbing large spikes.

PM (particulate matter) Dust Sensors

In this last article on low-cost air quality sensors, we investigate more closely particulate matter (PM) sensors, also called dust or smoke sensors. Some commercially available PM sensors are described and put to the test on an Arduino board.

Anodising Aluminium at Home

This article offers a comprehensive DIY guide to producing an anodised finish on aluminium using a range of generally available chemicals. Now using a DC supply you can anodise and dye (colour) aluminium panels and other items to give them an attractive and durable coating.

 Great care is taken to spell out the precautions involving the handling of hazardous chemicals, especially in a domestic environment, and these must be observed carefully.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk – Max muses on the merits of driving a pneumatically-propelled car
  • Net Work – our topical roundup of trends reports on energy saving incentives for smart meters, the Ora Funky Cat BEV and recommends Logitech PC mice for left handed users or those looking for larger size mice
  • The Fox Report – a timely warning about fake SSDs
  • Circuit Surgery – Part 3 of a special in-depth series on Gyrators
  • Audio Out – an audio op.amp built from discrete components (Part 3)
  • Electronic Building Blocks – a long-distance remote control for operating mains or low-voltage loads at the press of a button.

Next month

Digital Boost Regulator; Dual-Channel Power Supply for solderless breadboards; Display Adaptor for the Breadboard PSU.  Contents may be subject to change.

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