September 2023

This month’s highlights

GPS-Synchronised Analogue Clock

This GPS Clock driver converts an ordinary quartz wall clock (with hands) into a highly accurate timepiece that can keep the exact time to within a matter of seconds for up to eight years, powered by just two C cells. You won’t need to touch the clock at all during that period, as it will automatically adjust for daylight saving time during the year. It uses a GPS receiver module and a PIC microcontroller, with source code downloadable from our website.

Mini LED Driver

This small, low-cost module punches above its weight, and can drive relatively large (electrically speaking) 12V white LEDs from a USB or other 5V source. It utilises an XL6009-based module and the output current and voltage are adjustable. The components are assembled on a small pcb.

Surface mount components are used and good soldering skills are needed to complete this project successfully.

Wide-Range OhmMeter (Part 2)

This sophisticated auto-ranging ohmmeter will measure just about any resistance, from milliohms to many megohms. At its heart is a PIC24F microcontroller and readings appear on a 16×2 LCD display. The circuit and principles of operation were described in detail this month, and this month’s follow-up article includes all constructional details, calibration and troubleshooting.

Surface mount components are used and good soldering skills are needed to complete this project successfully.

Net Work

This month’s column has advice for upgrading your router, plus the the low-down on a.c. mains adaptors, USB charger accessories and more news from the space sector. Don’t forget to check the Net Work blog for a summary of this month’s article.

Make It with MicroMite
PicoMite Smart Light controller (Part4)

Concluding the smart light controller with some program code that allows the selection of smart bulbs and devices via the PicoMite’s menu-driven colour touch screen.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk – Max muses on the looming impact of AI machine-generated speech and deep-fake videos and how today’s Internet generation is being fed more topical news about what they like to hear and therefore believe to be true.
  • The Fox Report – How eBay and the UK’s Royal Mail have between them sought to fob off our columnist when an eBay item was fraudulently flagged as ‘delivered’.
  • Circuit Surgery – This month’s column investigates the design of gyrators, which can be used to create circuits that behave like inductors… but without using any inductors!
  • Max’s Cool Beans – Arduino Boot Camp (Part 9) More programming hints and tips and Max gets to grips with the latest Arduino platforms, the R4 Minima and the Uno R4 Wi-Fi.
  • Audio Out – A discrete audio op.amp (Part 1) This intensive primer illustrates all the detailed considerations surrounding the design of an audio operational amplifier built using discrete components.
  • Electronic Building Blocks – Playing with Bose wave guide radio and speaker systems while exploring their inner workings.

Next month

Model railroad Automatic Level Crossing and Semaphore Control with realistic sound effects; Multi-stage Buck-Boost Battery Charger; PIC and AVR breakout boards, plus new PIC and AVR chips from Microchip. Contents may be subject to change.

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