August 2017

This month’s highlights

Touch-screen Boat Computer with GPS

Based on the Micromite LCD BackPack, this BASIC-programmed design offers a fantastic low-cost computerised navigation aid complete with GPS, ideal for owners of small boats. The touch-control colour LCD shows a combination of speed and heading, latitude/ longitude, time and basic distance and bearing for up to four points of interest (eg a harbour entrance or a favourite fishing spot).


Some examples of the LCD displays are shown above. GPS compatible. Programmable via USB-to-serial converter (details included). Demo mode. Full constructional, programming and usage instructions are included. A great project for boat and yachting enthusiasts!

Fridge/ Freezer Alarm


This mini alarm is powered by a coin cell and warns when the fridge/ freezer door is left open accidentally. Relies on detecting the fridge’s interior light and sounds a piezo alarm. Ultra-low power consumption, two alarm sound options and adjustable period.

Micromite Plus & the Explore 64

This powerful programmable module packs a punch! More than twice as powerful as the Micromite, with faster performance, more RAM, larger Flash memory, 47 I/O lines, support for up to 8” touchscreens and extra support for USB, SD / microSD cards and PS/2 keyboard. Built-in Microsoft-compatible BASIC interpreter. Ideal for many control and monitoring applications, if you’re looking for a powerful BASIC-programmable computer to form the heart of your application then do check what the Micromite can do for you!

Teach-In 2017 Introducing the BBC micro:bit
Part 3: Analogue I/O

The BBC micro:bit is attracting many younger students into the world of computer programming and is taking the educational world by storm.  A micro:bit can also form the heart of many projects and control systems. In Part 3 of Teach-In 2017 the micro:bit’s 10-bit ADC is explored, plus ways of capturing analogue signals.

PICs and the PICkit 3: A beginner’s guide – Part 13

Our PIC specialist wraps up this comprehensive beginner’s guide to PICs by investigating the PIC’s internal EEPROM, outlining the device’s SRAM DATA Memory and Program Flash Memory.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk – a miscellany of musings from the technological world
  • Net Work – the Internet column – Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come under the spotlight
  • Circuit Surgery – our in-house ‘surgeon’ provides expert theory and guidance on transmission lines and high-frequency PCB designs
  • Audio Out – practical advice about interwiring techniques and fabricating wiring looms by hand
  • Max’s Cool Beans blog – Max spells out some shift register considerations

Next month

Compact 8-Digit Frequency Meter; Micromite Plus Explore 100; Low-cost Attenuator; Teach-In 2017: Introducing the BBC micro:bit Part 4 – Bluetooth interface.

August 2017 files for download -

  • Fridge Freezer Alarm

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