July 2024

This month’s highlights

Pi Pico-based Thermal Camera

Thermal infra-red cameras can highlight hotspots in the image area and they are used in a number of applications including electronics, to detect overheating components, and plumbing, to examine the performance of pipework or heating systems. They can be pricey, but our project offers you the opportunity to build a DIY version without spending a small fortune. It’s based on a budget-priced Raspberry Pi and we show you how a complete thermal camera can be built in the bespoke 3D-printed case.

Dynamic NFC Tag

Near-Field Communications or NFC is increasingly found in applications such as contactless payments and ‘tap’-based control or data capture systems. NFC tags have been available for many years that help trigger or automate tasks with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone, for example. Dynamic NFC Tags enables you to create your own custom NFC/ RFID tags, and this article explains how to program NFC chips that can be incorporated in, say, smart business cards and much more besides.

Reciprocal Frequency Counter

This design measures low-frequency signals quickly and accurately. It measures the average period of the waveform and calculates the inverse, (f=1/t) so it only needs to monitor a few pulses to get a precise reading. It’s useful up to about 10MHz and shows results on a multi-line OLED display. Arduino Nano-based circuit.

Teach-In 2024
Learn electronics with the ESP32
Part 5: Sensing the environment

This month our tutorial series introduces two more interface standards that simplify communication between the ESP32 and external hardware. We aim to explain 1-wire and I²C interfaces and low-cost I²C LCD displays with temperature, humidity and other environmental sensors.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk – Max muses, who saw the future coming?
  • The Fox Report – Barry reports from the Digital Television Group Summit
  • Net Work – Alan Winstanley gathers together more PD charging powerbanks, leads and USB monitors, reporting on the latest space mission news too.
  • Circuit Surgery – Ian Bell explains the principles of digital signal processing – the sample-and-hold circuit and ADC inputs.
  • Audio Out – Jake Rothman investigates mechanical rotary ‘wafer’ or ‘Maka’ switches, and shows what push-button banks have to offer.
  • Max’s Cool Beans – Arduino Boot Camp (Part 19). More instructional Arduino tutorials for novice users.

Next month

Arduino-based LC and ESR Meter; Watering System Controller; WebMite Pi-based SBC. Contents may be subject to change.

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