July 2022

This month’s highlights

Single-chip Silicon Labs FM/ AM/ SW Digital Radio Receiver

Using a single-chip radio solution, this radio receiver is easy to set up and use. Two versions are described, utilising the Si4730 (AM/ FM)and Si4732 (LW/ SW). Both radio chips can decode FM stereo. Offers a 16×2 LCD display, our project is based around an ATmega 8-bit microcontroller, with source code available from our website.

  Surface mount components are used throughout. Good soldering skills are needed to complete this project successfully.

Model Railway Level Crossing

This OO scale model railway level crossing can be triggered manually or automatically when a train passes.  As part of the design it includes barriers that automatically lower and raise, flashing warning lights and a realistic bell sound recorded from an actual crossing.

Video demo

Advanced GPS Computer (Part 2)

This project is the latest iteration of our hugely popular Touchscreen Boat Computer of August 2017 with enhancements that now allows use on the road, in the water or even up in the sky. The larger 3 1/2” colour touchscreen display can be customised in many ways, including current and average speed along with time. Simple navigation is now possible too, displaying heading and distance to a chosen point of interest.  Warning announcements and tones are fed through a 3.5mm jack. A great application demonstrating the Micromite’s versatility.

^^ A selection of the on-screen menus available

Part 2 this month describes construction and instructions for use, and we lift the lid on the software for those interested in the programming behind the project.

Make it with Micromite

Installing MMBASIC on a Raspberry Pi Pico – resulting in a versatile new PicoMite!

Max’s Cool Beans

Max makes progress on the SMAD 3D-printed multicolour animatronic eyes.

Audio Out

Our analogue audio expert investigates the many principles of transformers used in audio circuitry.

Electronic Building Blocks
Introduction to linear actuators (Part 2)

Utilising a fully programmable controller (the Pololu Jrk 21v3) and associated software to control an electric linear actuator.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk – electronics ‘wands’ that kill Japanese Knotweed, and how biotechnology could be an environmentally-friendly way of recycling PCBs.
  • The Fox Report – the trials and tribulations of real vs virtual events.
  • Net Work – how mobile commerce started, and the rise of NFC, and exploding electric buses have a melt-down.
  • Flowcode Graphical Programming – assembling and programming a simple digital clock.
  • Circuit Surgery – More in-depth analysis of the principles of distortion and distortion circuits.

In next month’s issue:

Multi-purpose battery charger; simple MIDI Music Keyboard; USB power Delivery Chargers; Nano Pong game; KickStart – exploring microcontroller digital-to-analogue conversion. Contents subject to change.

July 2022 files for download - 0722-DL.zip


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