June 2022

This month’s highlights

Full-wave Universal Motor Speed Controller

A worthwhile upgrade to our Full Wave Speed Controller of July 2019, this latest version adds a separate feedback ‘gain’ constant speed control that enables the unit to adapt and power a variety of universal (brush-type) motors or shaded-pole motors rated up to 10A, 220-250V 50/ 60Hz.  It provides near total control from nearly zero r.p.m. to 100% and has a switchable soft-start function for applications where gentle ramping up of speed is desirable. PIC microcontroller controlled with software available from our website.

WARNING! This Speed Controller operates directly from the 230V AC mains supply and contact with any live component is potentially lethal. DO NOT BUILD IT UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. See the magazine article for full details of warnings and safety precautions.

8/14/20-pin PIC Programming Helper

This handy little helper is deceptively powerful and enables PIC micro users to program or debug projects based on 8-pin micros and larger versions too. An ideal companion for prototyping your PIC projects. An 8-pin and a larger 8-20 pin version are described.

Micromite-based Advanced GPS Touchscreen Computer (Part 1)

This fantastic project is the latest iteration of our hugely popular Touchscreen Boat Computer of August 2017, enhanced to allow use on the road, in the water or even up in the sky.


The larger 3½” colour touchscreen display (samples above) can be customised in many ways, including current and average speed along with time. Simple navigation is now possible too, displaying heading and distance to a chosen point of interest.  Warning announcements and tones are fed through a 3.5mm jack. A great application demonstrating the Micromite’s superb capabilities and versatility.

Electronic Building Blocks:
Introduction to Linear Actuators

These electromechanical marvels provide a linear travel for operating mechanisms in machinery or apparatus. This special feature shows how to utilise them safely in your projects.

Also in this issue:

  • Techno Talk – how light bulbs always had built-in obsolescence, and how Li-Fi (opto-electronic Wi-Fi) may be the future
  • The Fox Report – a live-streaming theatre struggles with tech, and an insight into early Japanese TV from 1930.
  • Net Work – a walk-through of the Google Lens app, and the very latest news about space programs. Remember the links are ready-made for you in the Net Work Blog
  • Max’s Cool Beans – a fascinating insight into the evolution of analogue and digital design, and artificial neural networks, and a versatile PSU for PIC projects
  • Circuit Surgery – our expert delves deeply into all aspects of distortion and distortion circuits
  • Make It With Micromite – How it works: The Electronic Door Lock software
  • Audio Out – amplifier de-thump circuit and power supply mods

In next month’s issue:

Model Railway Level Crossing; Advanced GPS Computer (Part 2); single-chip Siliconlabs FM/ AM/ SW Digital Receiver; Kickstart – Microcontroller D-to-A conversion. Contents subject to change.


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