June 2018

This month’s highlights

High performance 10-Octave Stereo Graphic Equaliser (Part 1)

This 10 octave stereo graphic graphic equaliser is very compact and economical to build but has a performance on par with much pricier commercial units.  Used with care, a graphic equaliser can improve overall sound quality considerably.

It can smooth the frequency response, cure peaks, dips or lumps in a loudspeaker response, or simply and subtly change the programme’s tonal quality to your liking. The principles of operation are explained this month, with construction details following in Part Two next month.

Digital Inductance/ Capacitance Meter

This Arduino-based project is a modern take on long-established design principles.

It measures both inductance and capacitance and is much more accurate than most digital-multimeter-based LC meters. The test gear measures inductance of 10nH to 100mH or more, and capacitance (non-polarised only) of 0.1pF to 2.7µF or more.  LCD display with 5 digit resolution, automatic range selection and has ±1% accuracy of reading. Free sketch file available in our monthly download (see top right)

Teach-In 2018 – Get Testing!
Part 9: Design and build your own test instruments

This final part of our latest Teach-In tutorial series focuses on the principles and methodologies of designing your own test equipment. Plus, a roundup of all the test gear ideas presented in the series, and a useful Index.  If you want to get to grips with the principles of using test and measurement equipment, this series is for you! Back issued are available from our Online Shop.

Using Cheap Asian Electronic Modules – Part 5
16×2 LCD with I2C interface

A module combining a 16×2 backlight LCD with a piggy-back module to provide a convenient 12C interface.

Using Cheap Asian Electronic Modules – Part 6
AD9833-based Direct Digital Synthesiser (DDS) chip.

Suggestions for a signal generator based on the Analog Devices AD9833-based Direct Digital Synthesiser (DDS) chip.

Electronics Building Blocks

Utilise a pre-recorded sound module in your projects, with this high-quality ISD1820 based ready-made board. Store recognisable voice warnings or sounds with ease!

Also in this month’s issue:

  • Techno Talk – the mysterious (or notorious) Infra-Draw football pools predictor
  • Net Work – should we quit Facebook?
  • PIC n’ MIX – A practical DSP (Part 3)
  • Circuit Surgery – chopper and auto-zero amplifiers (Part 1)
  • Audio Out – common failures of electronic devices and how to repair them.

Next month:

Touch-screen Appliance Energy Meter; Automotive Sensor Modifier; UIltra-low Voltage Mini LED Flasher; Low-cost Electronics Modules (Part 7); 10 Octave Stereo Graphic Equaliser (Part 2).

June 2018 files for download - 0618.zip

  • AD9833 DDS sample code
  • Arduino LC Meter sketch
  • Serial LCD code
  • PIC n' MIX
  • Digital LC Meter a/w

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