May 2023

This month’s highlights

500W Power Amplifier (Part 2)

Last month we outlined the circuit description and operation of this powerful and sophisticated audio amplifier project, so in Part 2 this month we continue by assembling the main amplifier board. Full details and illustrations are included to enable you to build this advanced project with full confidence. In Part 3 next month, the power supply board and final assembly of this fan-cooled amplifier will be provided.

Precision AM-FM DDS Signal Generator

This DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) signal generator promises very high calibrated accuracy with an error rate of just ten parts per billion (1 in 108), which translates to 0.1Hz at 10MHz.  It’s laden with features including a colour OLED display and it has an output range of 100kHz to 75MHz in 1Hz increments, with AM, FM or no modulation. It’s built into a compact module, just add your own 5V plug-in power supply. Based on an ATmega644 processor, with source code available to PE subscribers from our website.

Surface mount components are used throughout. Good soldering skills are needed to complete this project successfully.

Improved SMD Test Tweezers

Our original SMD Test Tweezers (October 2022) has been extremely popular, thanks to their compact size, high performance and reasonable price.  This month we describe how more features can be added with an upgraded microcontroller from the latest Microchip PIC family. This menu-driven mini OLED probe will be an indispensable part of every enthusiast’s test gear!

  Surface mount components are used throughout. Good soldering skills are needed to complete this project successfully.

Audio Out

This month our analogue audio expert continues the theme of op amp adapter boards, offering both surface-mount and through-hole versions

Also in this issue

  • Techno Talk – now hosted by Clive ‘Max’ Maxfield, Max recommends a range of powerful online AI tools and thinks teleportation might be a real possibility!
  • The Fox report – Barry Fox explains how cinemas of all shapes and sizes call for hundreds of different versions of movies, and he suffers problems with a ‘bricked’ Ring video doorbell
  • Net Work – Electric auto builder BYD arrives in Britain, monitoring the National Grid online, and more space program news
  • Make it with Micromite – Part 46: A PicoMite smart-light Controller (Part 1)
  • Max’s Cool Beans  – Arduino Bootcamp (Part 5) – Max muses about digital counting, getting (lots) more out of 7-segment displays, and working with hexadecimal
  • Circuit Surgery – op amps as comparators – the evolution of the ubiquitous 741 op.amp
  • Electronic Building Blocks – Controlling RC servos with the Pololu Micro Maestro

Next month

Arduino programmable dummy load for power supplies; 500W Power Amplifier (Part 3); High-power Buck Boost LED Driver; CJMCU-762- Gesture Recognition Module.

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