January 2015

This month’s highlights

“Tiny Tim” Stereo Amplifier (Part 1)

Tiny Tim is a low-cost, high quality 10W amplifier. Ideal for flat panel TVs, MP3 players and more and also ideal for our Tiny Tim Loudspeaker System (October 2014).

It makes use of a current project pcb (our Headphone Amplifier, October 2014) and it teams up with a commercial DAC to offer a Toslink or S/PDIF input.  Suits 4-8 ohm speakers, headphones and ear buds, short circuit protected. A great project for audio enthusiasts wanting to enhance an audio product, the Tiny Tim Stereo Amplifier is easy to build and uses common, low cost parts.

PortaPAL-D  (Part 2)

The PortaPAL-D is a go-anywhere Portable PA system that has enough power to blow your socks off! In Part Two this month, assembly is described and we’ve taken a simple modular approach to make construction that much easier.

There’s lots to get your teeth into in this top quality project with enough to satisfy the hungriest audio enthusiast! Our articles provide full constructional details in colour to enable you to complete this project with confidence.

SiDRADIO – More reception modes

If you build our SiDRADIO project (EPE, October-December 2014) have you wondered if there’s anything else you can do with your software-defined radio (SDR) set-up using a DVB-T dongle – besides receiving AM, NFM, WFM, CW, SSB and DRM? Other applications are becoming available all the time, including  DAB+ and narrowband digital mobile radio (DMR). This article offers some fresh new ideas for you to try with your SDR.


Our PIC expert Mike Hibbett wraps up the coding for his development board ADC, and introduces the LPLC TOO.

Teach-In 2014 Update Raspberry Pi B+

This latest upgrade for the immensely popular Raspberry Pi aims to put right many of the shortcomings of the Model B. More I/O, improved memory card handling and better PCB mounting are just some of the benefits of the latest revision, as our  expert Pi reviewers explain.

Also in this issue

  • Audio Out – Part 2  looks at the circuitry of a high quality test bench power amplifier
  • Whizzkits Electronic Builder’s Kit a brand new educational breadboard product from Spiratronics.
  • “Fritzing” Design Software  – a look at a powerful but easy to use electronics design package for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that’s popular with the ‘Maker’ community.
  • Techno Talk – LED applications you maybe never knew about, including the fact that the principle of the LED originated from Marconi in Britain more than 100 years ago.
  • Net Work – our Internet column this month explains how to log journey and engine data from a typical car using an OBDII Bluetooth module and a highly-accomplished Android app on a smartphone, then view your journey data on Google Maps. A HUD and customisable digital dashboard offer more information when on the road.
  • Practically Speaking – our column for constructors looks at practical ways of labelling your project control panels.
  • Max’s Cool Beans – Max is hard at work driving moving-coil meters with some Arduino applications in mind.
  • Circuit Surgery – our in-house surgeon provides a thorough  investigation of triacs,  opto isolators and zero-crossing techniques.

January 2015 files for download - 0115.zip

  • PIC n' MIX - LPLC

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